Whale Shark Sanctuary Tours

Immerse yourself with the largest fish in the world


Welcome to the adventure of searching, viewing and swimming in the beautiful Whale Shark Sanctuary of Holbox Island, the biggest fish on earth.


The world's largest fish

The Whale Shark is considered the world's largest fish, some even grow over 15 meters long and weigh up to 13 tons; the food of this giant from the ocean is only plankton, that is filtered in its mouth.although the whale shark, ih its size is amazing is totally inoffensive and its nature permits that people swim beside those peaceful giants in the months of june, july and august of every year.


The whale shark (Rhincodon typus)

Is one of the three species of sharks that feed through a water filtration mechanism, along with the Basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) and the Boquiancho shark (megamouth shark), which holds a wide variety of plankton and nekton, including small crustaceans like krill, crab and copeados larva, small fish like sardines, anchovies, mackerel and occasionally larger prey like small tuna and squid.


Holbox Whale Sharks

Whale sharks prefer warm surface waters, or areas where there are outbreaks of cooler water rich in nutrients, since these conditions favor the growth of the plankton on which they feed. This natural phenomenon occurs very near Holbox Island, specifically at the northeast of Cabo Catoche.

That’s one of the reasons that make Holbox Island, the best place to swim with whale sharks during the summer.


Holbox Whale Shark Adventure Tours

Reviews on Tripadvisor our customers happy.

— Extraordinary activity

I attended an organized swimming with whale shark tour by Holbox Adventure. It was lifetime experience swimming with this kind of huge fish. I was a bit of afraid of its size and its open mouth at first, but I calmed down quickly after observed how gentle of this creature to the people nearby. I enjoyed very much swimming with them afterward. Our guide was really amazing, he helped to push me so I was able to follow the fish faster and take pictures. Our captain and guide knew how to locate these fishes; we saw six different whale sharks in two trips, as well as dolphins, flying fishes, turtle, manta rays and pod of planktons. Our captain and guide spoke good English and lunch was very good, including ceviche, crackers and choice of sandwiches, fruits, water and soft drinks.

— Amazing swimming with whale shark.

We had a great day with the two guys who drive us until to the whale shark area. They were nice and so helpfull. They did all the can to help us to see the whale shark in the best way. The boat was right in front of the whale, we jump in the water in the right moment and if you are not looking in the good direction the guide take you the the right place to swimm with the beautiful animal. Great experience!!! Then we went snorkeling, and we were to a beautiful place next to the river and the see. We eat "ceviche" there and then back home and saw "flamingos" in the way. Everything was so perfect. Free food, sodas and water.

— If you want to swim with Whalesharks, do it here

This is for sure the best tour you can get on Holbox. The guides knew exactly where to go and had a lot of founded knowledge about the sharks and all sea life and you could see that they care about it a lot. All the other boats stopped in places where a lot of boats are around one whaleshark which means a lot of stress for the whaleshark and no chance to enjoy meeting this amazing animals because there are too many people around (hundreds). We kept on driving like for 2 hours and in the end swam with some huge whalesharks that didn`t seem to be disturbed at all by our presence. Best experience of all vacations!!!

Swim with Whale Sharks! in our Holbox Whale Shark discovery adventure tour.

Available: from June 1st to September 15th

Shared Tour

usd $133 p/p


    Fish ceviche
    Snorkel equipment
    Snorkel in a reef
    Bird watching and mangrove


The adventure begins every day
between 7:30 and 8:00

Private Tour

usd $930 1 - 4 persons


    Pick up at your hotel In Holbox
    Sodas, Sandwiches, Water
    Fish ceviche
    Snorkel equipment
    Snorkel in a reef
    Bird watching and mangrove Avistamiento de aves y manglares


The private tour has the option to
leave until 8:30 in the morning

Private Transpoprtation to Holbox Island, Cancún y Riviera Maya

Holbox Adventure offers Private VIP transportation “Transfer” services from Cancun’s International Airport throughout the Yucatan Peninsula and Riviera Maya. Our main destinations include: Holbox Island , Cancun, Pto. Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Puerto Aventuras, Tulum, Valladolid, and Merida.


Rules to observe while swimming with the whale sharks

Chaleco Obligatorio

Lifejacket or Wetsuit are mandatory

Distancia mínima entre el nadador y tiburón

16ft – Minimum distance between swimmer and Whale Shark

Distancia mínima entre lancha y tiburón

32ft – Minimum distance between the boat and the Whale Shark

Guía obligatorio

A tour guide is required

Entrada controlada al agua

Enter water slowly

No tocar al tiburón ballena

Don't touch the Whale shark

No bucear

No Scuba Diving

No usar bloqueadores

Don't wear sun screen or toxic body lotions

No saltar al agua

Don't jump in the water

No usar flash

Don't use any lights or flash cameras

No pescar

No fishing allowed in the Whale Shark Sanctuary

No tirar basura

Don't Litter

No llevarse organismos

Don't remove anything from the sea bottom

No golpear ni tocar los corales

Don't touch or hit the coral reefs

No alimentar a los peces

Don' feed the fish

No alimentar a los peces

Whale Sharks are endangered species protected by the Mexican bill
NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2001 which is based on global Wildlife preservation regulations.


Isla Holbox México
Santuario del Tiburón Ballena

Holbox Island takes it's name from the Mayan word Holbox which means "black hole", it is a small and beautiful island located in the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula within the state of Quintana Roo.

Holbox Island belongs to the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas (Kantunilkin) and is considered to be the crown jewel of the Mexican Caribbean.

This beautiful island has become a tourist destination for people who like places to rest, also for adventure tourism, accessible by sea from the port via Chiquila in a 30-minute boat or 15 minutes private boat. 

In Holbox Island there are no paved roads, all sand streets to reach the island is as if time had stopped its course its white sand streets and quaint buildings mixed with modern constructions of hotels in Holbox Island very few vehicles are the traditional transportation on the island are golf carts, motorcycles and bicycles.

Holbox Island is part of the Department of Wildlife Protection Yum Balam issued on June 6, 1994 as a protected area.

It is home to endangered species and the people are interested in protecting the area.

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